Gamer Krom Khaido keyboard won’t need extra software to work

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Krom Peripherals manufacturer just launched its new keyboard Krom Khaido, a RGB membrane board, very cheap that don’t require extra software installation for configuring itself and using the 100% of its capabilities. With this keyboard, the user can start to work with only a few minutes after connecting it to the PC.

Chosing a keyboard is never simple. It gets even more complicated when some parameters like being for gaming and being cheap come into the equation. Generally, both concepts use to be opposites if we want to go to the medium and high range. However, in the range of entry there are gamer keyboards pretty interesting. It is true they won’t have mechanical switches and it will be necessary to resort to membrane switches, but not because of this it will be bad for playing with it if it offers other features proper of this type of keyboards.

This would be the case of the Krom Khaido, regarding to it uses membrane switches, but brings a RGB blacklighting of the keys compose it. We already know how essential it is for a gamer to be able to dispose of this type of lighting in all peripherals that are normally used.

El Krom Khaido will have 6 keys dedicated to macros

Obviously, one of the strong points of the Krom Khaido keyboard is the fact of not requiring any extra software installation for using the keyboard to the maximum of its capabilities. This means that, once you configure it, it could be used in any computer you connect it to, giving it a movility plus that most gamer keyboards doesn’t have, precisely because of requiring of these external softwares for its configuration.

This keyboard setting is made, as usual in this type of keyboards, based on pressing key combinations which give us access to different lighting modes (8 different modes) pre-recorded on the keyboard internal memory or to macro sequence recording.

And, talking about macros, up to 6 different macros can be recorded on this keyboard, while they can be accessed through the 6 dedicaded keys located on its lateral left side, in view of the users. It also has an anti-gosthing system of 18 keys to avoid unforeseen accidents when you are playing.

Finally, the keyboard also has 9 multimedia keys, 3 profile keys and one gaming key which will avoid that the start menu is displayed in the middle of a game if we pressed that key by mistake.

Krom Khaido will cost 29,90 € when it’s released into the market in early February.

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