Now you can download Firefox 58 to Android with Progressive Web Apps and FLAC

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Mozilla is scheduled to launch Firefox 58 tomorrow January 23rd, but it¡s already possible to download their latest version to every device. Yesterday we told you how to download and install Firefox 58 in all desktop devices, now we are back at it, telling you that you can already download Firefox 58 on Android. Among its news, we found Progressive Web Apps and FLAC support. Let’s go over each key fact behind the jump.

The launch of Quantum, the new Mozilla Firefox, has put this browser again on the spotlight after a couple years of being marginalized by Google Chrome. It won’t be easy to surpass the absolute market leader, but if it there’s any way to do it, Mozilla seems to be going the right way. The 57th version was a turning point, although many more changes will arrive with Mozilla Firefox 58.

You can already download Firefox 58 on Android

We’ve been hearing for a while now all about Firefox 58 benefits. One of these, are the Progressive Web Apps or PWA. From this version on, there will be a new button to access these apps, which are basically websites that work as native apps. Since last November this was available on beta but we can finally see it completely.

Another new feature is the FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) support that offers a much better sound quality than other popular formats (like MP3, for example). Now, with Firefox 58 for Android, we can play these files directly from the browser with no need of using third-party software.

On a visual level, there aren’t many significant changes and many may think that we are seeing an incremental update. Nevertheless, it is likely that we notice an enhancement in the Internet navigation speed thanks to the update of the WebAssembly compiler. Let’s not forget about the security patches that fix loopholes and arrive with every new version.

The users will be able to get the new version directly from Google Play Store or using APKMirror in its place, in case it’s not available momentarily. Tomorrow is the official launch of Mozilla Firefox 58, but we can already test the different news that come with this new version.

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