The LG 27GK750F-B is the perfect monitor for the most accustomed gamers

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The LG computer monitor’s manufacturer just launched a new model which may become a dream for many gamers. The new LG 27GK750F-B is a monitor with a 27”screen that has an overwhelming refresh rate of 240 Hz, being compatible with AMD FreeSync as well. This will convert it into the perfect monitor for gamers.

All gamers always look for a game experience as fluid as possible, both in a competitive or domestic user level. Let’s face it, is really hard to enjoy a game when it is going really slow and the screen image gets corrupted. For the first thing there is a solution: to install a more powerful hardware in your computer, capable of running any game. For the second issue, the solution is more complicated, since it depends a lot on the panel that our monitor uses.

This is like the following: to get a high fps rate and that it doesn’t get produced a corrupted image, we need a monitor with a high refresh rate, which be compatible with any of the available technologies on the market: Nvidia G-Sync o AMD FreeSync. At the moment, the one that seems to be heading up is the AMD FreeSync technology. I say this just because of the big amount of monitors with this technology that are coming to the market.

The Full HD resolution of the LG 27GK750F makes it more accessible

The new LG monitor uses a TN matrix, which are the only ones on the market capable of reaching high refresh rates. Well, rather capable of reaching SO HIGH refresh rates. We have previously seen other monitors that, using VA or IPS matrices, were able to reach refresh rates of 144 Hz. But the refresh rates above 200 MHz, are exclusive property (by the moment) of the monitor with TN matrices.

The monitor uses a FullHD resolution, which will allow more gamers to take the most advantage of it and enjoy its refresh rate. Even so, we can’t lose the sight the fact that even though it has much FullHD, reaching 240 fps will require a high top hardware almost for sure. In fact, i dare to asure that for most current games it will be needed multi-graphic settings.

In relation to connectivity the monitor has two inputs HDMI 2.0,  a DisplayPort 1.2a and two ports USB 3.0.

The monitor price will be 550 $.

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