The Z10 keyboard will be the first peripheral Gaming that EVGA launches to the market

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EVGA, the prestigious graphics cards manufacturer, has decided to continue diversifying its catalog and presents the Z10 keyboard, the first mechanical gaming keyboard that the brand presents in its whole existence. Equipped with Kailh Brown or Red switches, this keyboard wants to show up to the market with force to be able to compete with the rest of the brands.

There are many brands which have diversified their catalog of products quite a bit, with the purpose of increasing their client base. A clear example of it is Corsair, which being a brand mainly centered on memory products, has gone on to manufacture closed circuit AIO liquid refrigeration, cases, mouses, keyboards, headsets….

Although in this respect, EVGA is arriving a bit late to the market, as it is said “A good outcome is worth waiting for”. And, for its entrance on the world of peripheral gaming, EVGA has decided to make it with the Z10 keyboard. A keyboard with many claims, that it has many keys of one of the major sales successes of many years: the Logitech G15. And, as an old holder of one of those keyboards, for a long time I have not seen one that employs the same system and, it brings agreeable memories of from more than 10 years ago (one has to see how time passes and the biggest thing I do).

The Z10 keyboard will have a LCD screen for showing very diverse information

The LCD screen of the Z10 keyboard will be able to be employed to show coming information of very diverse sources, like live data from the EVGA Precision software with the temperatures and frequencies of your components, as well as information coming from the game that you are playing at the moment, like the ammunition that remains or the time that the last skill you used is on cooldown.

Aside from that, the Z10 has been manufactured employing a solid aluminum body for its top part, while its bottom part is composed of a resilient ABS type plastic, which is responsible for giving rigidity and resistance to the body of the keyboard.

Aside from the LCD screen of G15 style, the other star of the keyboard is the use of mechanical interrupters of the Kaihl brand. For the moment the Red and Brown interrupters are only available (each one with different mechanical characteristics), but the business does not rule out the launch of other models that employ another type of mechanical interrupter from that same brand.

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