Tt eSports lights up your Gamer desk with its new RGB mouse and mousepad

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Tt eSports, the affiliate of Thermaltake intended solely to develop peripheral gaming, has presented during the 2018 CES Las Vegas their new mouse and RGB mousepad, destined to create a most attractive gamer environment for its users. Both the Iris Optical RGB mouse and the mouse pad Draconem RGB are clear exponents of the dedication of the brand.

Tt eSports still has time, as a brand destined to take the best peripherals for the gamer world.In said time it has developed many peripherals, at the same time financed several groups of competitive gamers with their products. Products like the RGB mouse and mouse pad that are presented during the celebration of the current edition of the CES Las Vegas 2018.

Tt eSports RGB Iris Optical

A gamer mouse, equipped with an optical sensor capable of reaching a resolution of up to 5.000 DPIs. Accompanied with interrupters of great quality, with a resistance of 20 million clicks and a new personalization software that allows recording and executing macros. Of course, and as the name indicates, the mouses has RGB illumination completely configurable with the software which accompanies it. The tt eSports Iris RGB will have a price of 29,99 when it comes out for sale.

Tt eSports Draconem RGB Touch

With a fairly innovative mousepad, in terms of which it incorporates some biometic sensors with FIDO certification (Fast Identify Online) UAF which permits a faster login to the operating system of the computer to which the mousepad is connected, while allowing access to web pages. This system makes it so the user does not have to remember multiple user names and their corresponding passwords anymore.

The Draconem RGB touch mousepad has been designed to be capable of offering great speed in the use of the mouse, at the same time as precision without comparison within the industry of peripheral gaming. The use of RGB LEDs situated all around it ensures the user is able to create an attractive environment for their matches, as much for competitive, or as well for relaxing and passing some time. Of course, the illumination effects of the mousepad are completely configurable.

The new Tt eSports Draconem RGB Touch will have a price of 49,99$ when it arrives to the market.

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